Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

Mein zweiter Award!!!

  My Second Blog Award!


Jetzt bin ich schon zum 2. Mal für einen Award nominiert. Stolz. Von weaverbirdie vom Blog Ich danke sehr für die Auszeichnung. Es ist immer schön zu hören, wenn der eigene Blog anderen gefällt.

Der Rest kommt jetzt in englisch, weil ich erstens zu faul bin, das alles zu übersetzen und zweitens werde ich nicht nur deutsche Blogs nominieren.

Now there are certain rules to follow when you get this award.

* Explain 11 things about you 
* Answer the 11 questions about yourself 
* Choose 11 blogs and name in the post 

* Follow the blog of the person which awarded ​​you 

* Visit at least three blogs awarded by this blog

11 things about myself:

1. I am the youngest child.
2. I have three sisters.
3. I have two sons. (11 and 14 years old)
4. I love to take a bath with some prosecco. (jaaaaa)
5. I work in a hotel.
6. I like baking.
7. I like to watch old films like Sissy.
8. I like to go to bavaria for winter holiday.
9. I like swimming.
10. I love crochet.
11. I love to shocken in our restaurant at the bar. ( it is a game with 3 dices)

 The answers to the 11 questions:

-How do you define yourself?  I am too complicated for one sentence.
-What is your favorite dish?  I like Pasta with Gorgonzolasauce.
-Would you rather cook or you cook? I like to cook.
-What is your favorite dessert? Herrencreme (vanilla pudding with chocolate rasp and brown rum)
 -If you had to stay with an ingredient, what would it be? Prosecco
 -What is the best trip I've done? Every year to bavaria for holiday and skiing.
 -What is the best restaurant you've eaten?Mythos - a greek restaurant.
 -Do you prefer meat or fish? Both
 -What is your favorite cheese? Gorgonzolasauce with Pasta or with pork. I could take a bath with it.
 -Black or milk chocolate? Milk
 -What is the worst dish you've tried?liver

11 blogs that I chose to give this award are the following:

This award is for the blogs who have less than 100 followers.
I hope I have followed all the rules and now I will notify all the lovely people. You all have to follow the above rules before you save the award image on your computer and then flaunt it anywhere you like, on your blog.

Thanks a lot. I hope this would be fun for everyone!


  1. Sehe ich jetzt erst :-( Ich hab dich nämlich für den gleichen Award nominiert:

    Aber auch gut, hast du nur einmal Arbeit und den Award gleich zweimal ;-)

  2. Thank you very much for the award,but I have to decline though I can´t fulfill the oligations that goes with it.But I´m very glad you like my blog ! :)

  3. oh thanks for my award !!! im going to do the questions now... also i now follow you.


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